Welcome to Cheryl Gold Fashion School, Our training programs are available to many people who are not able to attend a “brick and mortar” college. We offer Full-time and Part-time lectures.... This type of learning is beneficial to students who have busy work schedules, family demands, and other commitments. We offer a wide variety of creative programs that lead to entry-level career outcomes. Our courses duration are 3months, 6months & 1year respectively. We are here to help students reach their goals and create the future they imagine for themselves. Learn from the finest minds working in fashion today. Our students have access to the tools and cutting-edge facilities they need to create collections that garner accolades at Nigerian Fashion Week. In Cheryl Gold Fashion School we make you a star by bringing out the beauty in you...

Careers in Cheryl Gold Fashion School

Design Director

Oversee trends, color, and fabric direction for upcoming seasons across all product lines as a design director for a fashion label. Manage design teams, oversee manufacturing and marketing, and set the direction for a brand voice.

Textile Designer

Research, draw, and design prints for seasonal fashion with both hand-drawing and computer skills as a textile designer. Create and inspire the next wave of textiles including engineered and repeat pattern prints.

Technical Knitwear Designer

As a technical designer of knitwear, you’ll contribute to the technical design process from development to commercialization. You'll work closely with designers to maintain fit, silhouette, and design to preserve fit specifications and brand aesthetic.


Fashion Consultants supply professional fashion advice and recommendations to individuals, customers or companies. They use their knowledge of trends and fashion principles in order to assist others in the realm of fashion.

Visual Merchandising Director

As a visual merchandising director, you’ll help promote the image, products, and services of retail and wholesale businesses. You’ll create eye-catching displays using visual and graphic elements, and organize brand-related special events.


Turn a designer’s vision into a finished garment as a patternmaker. You’ll break down garment designs into workable patterns, transfer them onto fabric, and create the design blueprints for manufacturing.


At Cheryl Gold Fashion School >>>

We offers the following services -

Hat making, Bead making, Cake, Fashion Design, Interior and Event Decoration, Event Management and many more...


As a fashion stylist, you’ll provide on-set art direction for editorial and catalog fashion shoots and support merchandising strategy with brand and theme-based shoots.

Job Duties:

  • Conceptualize and style looks
  • Collaborate on concepts
  • Coordinate between merchandising, marketing, and creative departments
Job Skills:

  • Knowledge of contemporary and designer brands
  • Ability to produce photo shoots
  • Keen eye for styling on-location and in-studio

Why Pursue a Degree in Fashion @Cheryl Gold?

The economic impact of art & design

exceeds that of sports worldwide*

Creative jobs have grown from
10% to over 30% of the economy*
By 2018, jobs for artists and designers
are predicted to increase by 42%*
5.54 million Africans/Americans
work in the arts*